Introducing XoomServer

A complete Container based operating system powered on linux. Build an awesome server using Adaclare Technologies.

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Now allows multiple resellers and many different features. Check out our new hosting control panel.

Perfect for startups and companies

Our software uses one of the most easiest frameworks out there. All of our products are built using FrameworkX. FrameworkX was build by us to make our services much more compatible with each other.


We provide great hosting with many features. All of our hosting packages come with great security, support, and a package installer.


We will use a wide range of API libraries and integrate into most platforms. We plan to expand and add an update system so you will know when your project needs updating. Our tools plus your company means you will always be using reliable services.


When you are away or on a trip, you can manage your product with any device. We work with most Iphone products, android products, PC, and Linux. Most users that go on websites are from mobile users allowing you to make more money with our products


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